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Rainbow Tiny Home Builders takes the stress and worry out of building the tiny home of your dreams.  Our 38 years of construction experience, which includes custom basement finishes to multi story commercial buildings, has well prepared us to provide a superior tiny home and exceptional customer service.

We get that your home is your sanctuary and purchasing the dwelling where you'll be experiencing your life is a big deal.  Your decisions are based on the dreams of your heart, the needs of your physicality and your plans for your future.  It's emotional.  We're ready to begin the conversation of discernment.  Can we fulfill your needs?

A lot of thought, planning and years of experience goes into every screw, stud, appliance, pipe

We begin your build with a Trailer Made foundation on wheels, fill the cavity with insulation and sheet the floor with xxx that includes a Lifetime Warranty.



Kate Large, CEO



Fred Winther, COO




Tiny House living isn't small... it's dreams fulfilled as an expansion into Freedom!
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